LP review: Delta Funktionen


“Hello children, for this year’s excursion we have organised a fantastic trip: a one week journey to The Parallel World! A world where its leaders decided to go back in time rather than moving forward. It will be a mind bending excursion. It will be great. We will ignite the Delta Craft torpedoes next Tuesday 8am sharp and leave one hour later with warp drive towards The Parallel World. We shall experience the power of at least 17 trillion Frisian horses, can you possibly imagine?”

Delta Funktionen’s newest LP (released on 2017-06-27) takes us on a trip to a Parallel World.

This piece of art is more than just a musical journey. It is also a very serious statement in its own, very special way. The album’s description, written by the Berlin-based, Frisian underground electronic music producer himself, could easily be the first chapter of an Asimov or Philip K. Dick novel. But just like these novels, Delta Funktionen‘s short stories, too, are only disguised as science fiction. In reality, they are cynicism of a very real world that doesn’t seem much affected by technological progress. In order to explain this more thoroughly, hereby we quote Asimov who said: “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

scifi science fiction sciencefiction scenery Paris 2029 year imaginative drawing airplanes spaceships flying over city creator duster132

Clever words from a man who lived in the twentieth century. As we are getting closer to 2020, looking at the current world order, makes us question, whether the emotional maturity of mankind will ever be able to handle the advantages of the currently ongoing, fast-paced technological progress or will these technological developments always be a slave and a tool of abuse to those few in power? Will the new generations be able to make better choices than their ancestors? Will they choose to be part of the classified sector, will they rebel and become part of a sting operation or will they simply stay out of the political games and rather try to save what is left there to save?

These are the questions that the album, Junior High School Excursion to the Parallel World is trying to discuss.


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