Yuka electronic music producer and DJ

YUKA: “One of the most memorable summers to me was close to the place where my mother was born. It’s a village next to Chinese and Mongolian border and my uncle gave us horses to ride. We did it from early morning till evening, every day. We rode great distances on the steppe and climbed the hills. It was such a great experience as a child!”

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Stu Crosbie electronic music producer, DJ and label owner of Dark Arts

S. CROSBIE: “Around 1996 I bought a pair of Technics 1200s – and I’ve still got them today. After that, record buying becomes a sort of compulsion. You start to view money in terms of how many 12 inches you can buy with it. But again the timing was vital. London was packed with amazing record shops, tucked away in back alleys.”

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Farron Shaw Cuts electronic music producer, live performer and label owner of Shaw Cuts

FARRON: “In the beginning, I was using Ableton with a crappy computer and speakers. It didn’t have the power to play more arranged channels at the same time, so I always had to edit the arrangement, bounce it, check it and then edit it again. Looking back at it, it was a nightmare, but it did not matter to me at all – as long as I could produce.”

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BinaryFunction DJ and electronic music producer from the UK

BINARYFUNCTION: “I started learning to DJ in 1985 after becoming immersed in the whole hip hop scene. I saved enough money to buy my first Realistic 2 channel mixer and a pair of turntables from a second hand shop and I started to practice the art of DMC style DJ’ing with 2 copies of Public Enemy’s ‘Yo Bum Rush the Show’.”

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